Defender and MS Security Essentials



Hi guys, I've recently installed security essentials in my HP laptop with
Vista Home premium and encountered problems and some good results, but before
that my anti-virus was Avira Free anti-virus for a long period of time and
didn't give me such a thing, but I wanted to try security essentials with
it's good reviews by fellow colleagues of mine.
Problems I've encountered with Security Essentials after installation are,
Defender keeps turning itself OFF, this really is bugging me, then there's an
error code I couldn't understand, and when i scan using Security Essentials
it detects false programs.
Now, my question is this normal for Defender and Microsoft Security
Essentials? Does it occured to some of you who have the same configuration as
mine? Should I ditched Security Essentials? And what should I do? Thanks for
your help in advance.

Bill Sanderson

This is expected behavior.

Microsoft Security Essentials includes the functionality of Windows
Defender, so it is appropriate that it be turned off. Microsoft recommends
that you have only one real-time scanning application at a time, if

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