Windows Defender and IIS



Not sure if this is right group, but...

I have IIS installed on my PC but I had it stopped and set to manual start.
The other day I noticed I had recent IIS log files on my PC. Containing
folder scans for various folders and executables (all thankfully 404'd). The
originating IP was my own computer. So now I'm scared I have some
spyware/virus, but all scans are negative.

A bit of reseasrch (first stopping and disabling IIS in services cpl and
waiting a day) shows in event log that shortly after Windows Defender
finishes a system scan (like seconds after), I see a DCOM error relating to
the fact that IIS cannot be started due to it being disabled.

Is Windows defender starting IIS as part of its programming? Or do I REALLY
have a big problem?

thanks in advance


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