Windows browsing not working after storm, w2k workgroup, ping works



Occasionally after heavy lightning storms, a FEW computers in my W2k
Workgroup lose the ability to browse the network using windows
explorer and mapped drives. However, they still can ping any machine
on the network. Even after a reboot the windows networking browsing
does not work.

I have been adding host file entries to the incapacitated pc's as a
temporary workaround which ends restoring windows browsing.

Almost like they lose site of the master browser.. eer something. Is
there a way to assign a master browser to each pc??

Implementing a DNS Server might correct the issue but I don't want to
try that just yet.

Any Ideas welcome.

All Machines have:

W2k Pro
Windows Networking
TCP/IP Installed

Lanwench [MVP - Exchange]

One thing I'd suggest is to get decent workstation UPS/surge protector units
if you have regular problems with this. There are some inexpensive Belkins
and APCs out there -

Browsing on workgroups means there's no 'boss' (master browser) so it can
take a while for the browser election process to finish. Presuming the
machines didn't suffer damage due to power surges/etc, I'll bet it comes
back up eventually if you wait - but best to make sure you protect the

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