Windows 7 - Odbc link




Just installed Windows 7 64 bit with Office 2007 32 bit. Created a ODBC
link with a mysql driver. Everything worked, I say my tables and all.

When I go into Access 2007 to access my link data, I get an 0DBC error. I
try to redo the link, the system DNS are not there. I click to add it says I
am not administrator of the system DNS.

I am administrator of my machine. I gave my self all the rights in Access.
How can I open the system DNS as an administrator in Access ?

Thanks !

Paul Shapiro

Not sure, but it might work if you right-click the Access shortcut and
choose Run as Administrator when you start Access. You might be better to
create a new User ODBC link instead of a system or admin link so it won't
require running as admin.

James A. Fortune

ý am zafer

I disagree :). Horses can be dangerous at times. IMO, you're safer
walking than on horseback Mr. Zafer Özbek.


James A. Fortune
(e-mail address removed)

I'm likely to get a Droid phone. The number and quality of iPhone
apps is impressive, but a professor in Chicago who teaches phone
programming told me that he thinks Android applications will catch up
to iPhone applications quickly. Right now, iPhone programming books
outnumber Android programming books by about 20 to 3 at the local
bookstore. The Android apps don't require a license from iPhone
(about $90 I think). Plus, Verizon's coverage is better. The company
where I work issues cell phones using Verizon service exclusively for
work phones, partly because of a 10% volume discount on service plans
from Verizon for all employees using any Verizon based phone. I
should be able to make some database summary information available
(after they log in) to certain employees if they eventually get
Verizon work phones with Android OS capability. It's looking likely
that many phone apps will take advantage of HTML 5 when it comes out.
I.e., Objective C is not for me.

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