UpSizing Wizard and AUTO DNS ODBC Connection

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Michael Kintner

How do I create and ODBC connection enbedded inside a link????

The upsizing wizard worked great however when it created the ODBC connection
somehow it enbeddeds the link and does not add to USER or SYSTEM DNS. Thats
cool. How can I do this by hand?

The advantage here is understanding how to create an ODBC on the fly with
out manually having a create a ODBC DNS connection within the control panel.

Thank you in advance for your help and Happy Easter!!


Aaron Kempf

just use Access Data Projects

ODBC is obsolete
JET and DAO have been depecrated for a decade


Mr. Steele

With all due respect, I don't think you answered the question. How does
SSMA embed the ODBC parameters in a link? Is there a (simple) way for us
mere mortals to do it without scripting?

Thanks - Todd

Douglas J. Steele

Well, in my defense, I read this in m.p.access, not in m.p.a.sqlupsizing, so
I assumed the thrust was how to do it without needing SSMA.

There's no way that I'm aware of to do it without using VBA. That having
been said, though, you've got the code you need: the most you might have to
do is change the specific connect string.

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