Modify ODBC Connection created from Upsizing Wizard



I recently tried to migrate an Access 2003 database to a SQL Server 2000
database using the Upsizing Wizard. Migration was successful without any
errors. But I could not figure out where is the ODBC connection (which links
to the migrated SQL tables) created and located. There will be a time when
the backend database is moved from the current development database to a
production database that I will have to change the ODBC connection on the
user's pc to point to the production database.

Also, what are the pros/cons of having a frontend Access 2003 versus ADP
Access 2003 in an application connecting to a backend SQL Server 2000

Your prompt response is very much appreciated.

Douglas J Steele

Normally, the ODBC connection information is stored in the DSN that's used
when building the connection string. When that's the case, you need to
ensure that each user has a copy of the same DSN.

It's usually easier to have a DSN-less connection. I should one way to do
that at

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