MS Access - linking table problem




I'm running MS Access 2003 on Windows 2003 Server 64-bit edition. I am
trying to link tables to an Oracle 9 database on AIX.

When I try to get link the tables I get an ODBC--call failed error message
and an ORA-12154: TNS: failed to resolve service name error.

I'ma bit baffled as when I do a TNSPING to the database it suceeds. And when
I try ODBC (the 32 bit version) the connection also works. The problem only
turns up when I try MS Access. Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance for any help.




Thanks for the reply. I hadn't thought of connecting from Excel.

I have tried from Excel and this also got an ORA-12154: TNS could not
resolve service name error. That was using a file dsn.

- Zoe


I wondered about the file DSN because I expect that you can
open the file DSN and see what is inside it, to see if that gives
you any clues.

Since it is a general ODBC problem rather than an Access
specific problem, perhaps some one who knows about
Oracle will have some ideas.


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