MS Oracle ODBC failure in Access 07

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Joseph Goldman, IT Manager

We have been using Access 2003, with the MS Oracle ODBC connector V2.0, to
run queries against our Oracle database - for over 8 years. Our workstations
are Win XP, with the latest service pack and patches.

Recently, we've been moving our users to Access 2007. We are still using the
same MS-supplied Oracle connector; to run the Access 2003 queries. Now - some
Access 2007 users can run the queries just fine, while most can no longer run
the queries. They get the error:

"ODBC-Connection to database failed" (Error 3151)

We have checked the ODBC definition, and it's fine. We've also reinstalled
the MS Oracle ODBC connector; but still these users get this connection error.

Anyone have any suggestions on whatelse we can try ??

Thank you ...

Joseph Goldman, IT Manager

Thank you for the suggestion Arvin. We created a Trusted Location, put the
database file into it, but still the queries won't run. Now, Access 2007
hangs and we have to CTRL-ALT-DEL it.

Also, we uninstalled the Oracle 8 Client - reinstalled it - and tried. This
worked on one computer, but not on any others.

Frustrating !!!!
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