Windows 2003 RRAS



I have setup a RRAS Serving using windows 2003 and PPTP (with a single NIC
behind a firewall). I can connect to the server from a client on the intranet
using VPN and PPTP. However, connection from the outside does not work with
"Error 678 There was no answer. My Sonicwall Firewall is configured to allow
ports 1723. In sonicwall you have to create your unavailable ports. I created
a port for GRE and used TCP port 47. Is this the corect way. How can I make
my vpn work?

Frederic ESNOUF \(MVP-ISA\)

GRE working on IP, ... and not working in TCP... so it means that you must
open GRE on your firewall and NOT TCP port 47 (nobody is listening on this
TCP port).

I hope this helps.



I dont have an option for IP. I have two choices UDP and TCP. What if I
enable UDP 47 AND TCP 47.


Thanks for your contributions. What fixed the problem was the addition of
static routes. There was no static routes configured because during the
configuration of the RRAS, the custom option was chosen in the wizard because
of the single network card in the server. As soon as static routes were
included, the VPN connected.
This probably is one of the noticable difference between configuring RRAS on
Windows 2000 and Windows 2003.

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