Windows 2000 server not seeing Microsoft networks.



We have a Win2000 Server, SP4, latest Windows Updates, etc. The server has
all the standard Microsoft Networking Components installed and bound to the
NIC (Client for MS Networks, File and Printer Sharing, TCPIP). It also has
the Novell Client pls NWLink NETBIOS and NWLink IPX/SPX protocols installed.
The server is a member server in a 2000AD domain, has correct DNS servers
set, can ping everything on the network by name and IP address.
The problem is that when we try and map a drive to another Windows 2000
server (\\servername\sharename) we get the message; "This file does not have
a program associated with it for performing this action". If we try the
servers IP address it still fails, if we try a net use command we get network
path not found. If we try and browse the network the Microsoft Windows
Network icon isn't there! We can access shares on this server from other
servers and everything otherwise looks OK except for MS Windows networking
being broken. Any ideas anyone?


Did it ever work? Can you ping, is IP working at all? Try removing the
NIC and reinstalling it.

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