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I've been asked to deploy Windows Messenger, and I had a few questions I
thought you all could help me with. First, we are exclusively using the IM
capabilities of Exchange 2000. 2nd, we are in NY and have a VPN with an
office in LA. We are all on the same domain, but they have their exchange
mailboxes on a Exchange2k3 Server.

We would like to include both offices in Instant Messaging. Would this be a
problem since the LA users have mailboxes on Exchange2k3? or could i still
have them use the IM server on our Exchange2k server?

Also, I can't seem to create any custom groups. All I have is 'Microsoft
Exchange Instant Messaging' and 'All Contacts'

Lastly (and I know this is a longshot), is there anyway to force everyone to
come online and stay online all day? and maybe to deploy contact lists?

Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it. I know alot of people
might say to get Live Communication Server, but management doesn't want to
spring. They just want to stretch the functionality of the existing IM
portion of Exchange2k as far as they can for free.

Jonathan Kay [MVP]

Greetings Adam,

As long as they're all on AD it shouldn't matter. I haven't tested this scenario though.

Exchange 2000 IM sadly didn't have Groups support (and it's not going to be updated).
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