Win98 programs on WinXP


Dan Stavert

My HP Pavilion 6545C runs Win98SE.
I was told by HP they would not upgrade my unit to run
It's now beginning to hassle me - freezing up - takes
forever to start up and usually after 'safe mode'.
I have 10G HD and 312mb RAM (I added extra RAM in
anticipation for WinXP)
I'm toying with the idea of buying a new computer running
WinXP. Where can I go to find out how compatible 'all'
my programs would be with the new system. Apart from
mostly modern programs, Simply Accounting, Wordperfect 10
suite, to name a few, I still use the "First Choice" (DOS)
Will a DOS program (I also have a MicroBridge game) work
in XP?



Len Segal


Go to the MS website and DL the WinXP Upgrade Advisor. Run it and it will
identify any HW and SW (you're really interested in SW only) problems that
might be anticipated under WinXP. This tool is not 100% foolproof, but it is
a very good indicator.

Some DOS programs will run under WinXP, it depends on how the program was
written. There are "Compatibility Modes" that can be set for any given
program that gives you trouble running natively under WinXP. You get there
by right mouse clicking on the executable for the program in question and
choose Properties, there is a Compatibility tab which will allow you to
select the options you might need.


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