Win7 64-bit Driver Issue

Jul 17, 2012
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Hi everyone,

I am trying to get a Win7 Professional 64-bit computer to use our networks's printer-it's a Sharp MX-M350N PCL6.

When I go to install it from the network, it recognizes it, but says there's no driver. So I went to Sharp's site, downloaded their 64-bit Win7 driver for this model printer (I used this link, 8th one down, but when I manually browse to the downloaded driver, it still won't recognize it...Here's what I've tried already:

-We have another Win7 Professional 64-bit machine, same thing happens.
-All recent updates have been installed, so computer is up to date.
-Tried installing as Admin (I had been logged in with a regular user account), doesn't work.
-Tried using both the auto-find's popup box to manually browse to it, and then also tried no auto-find and just manually typed in the printer's path and went from there.
Still no dice.

Any ideas? Much appreciated. :)


Master of Logic
Oct 3, 2008
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Got a print server? Domain?

These things weigh heavily on how it will work. If you have a print server, chances are that you need to install the driver on the print server first.

Also, try dropping the firewall on the machine. I have seen weird things happen from that. It could be that some packet is not being picked up because of the format from the printer.

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