CUPS PPD file for Sharp MX-M350N?


Dan Lenski

Hi all,

My work just got a nice heavy-duty Sharp MX-M350N copier/printer/scanner
product_id=945&category_id=16). After some trial-and-error, I figured
out that this particular model does *not* have the PostScript option
installed, but understands PCL6.

Now I have it working great over the network using the Gutenprint PCL6
driver with CUPS. Duplex works, text, images, etc. The only thing that
*doesn't* work with the generic driver is stapling...

I found some custom PPD files for this and similar printers at
OpenPrinting (
MX-M350U), but they are only for PostScript mode, unfortunately. Does
anyone know if or where I can find PPD files for this printer/copier in
PCL6 mode, that would allow me to use the stapling feature?



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