Share printer with Win7-64


Alan Edelman

I have an HP laser jet connected via USB to a Win7-64 computer.
I want to print to this computer from a 32 bit XP machine on the network.
The XP printer sees the Win7 printer but rejects every driver known to HP,
including the HP printer drivers that are already on the XP machine which at
one time was used to print to the HP printer directly, HP universal XP
drivers and the Win7 universal drivers.
I have tried setting the Win7 printer preferences to either have printing
jobs processed on the client or on the Win7 machine but it makes no
difference: the XP machine rejects every driver. I uninstalled the regular
XP printer drivers which made no difference either.
The XP machine sees and connects to all the other printers on the network
which are attached to a variety of 32 bit XP and Vista machines.

Jack [MVP-Networking]

Can you share files between the XP and the Win7.
Make sure that the XP was upgraded to SP3.
Jack (MS, MVP-Networking)

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