Win7 (64 bit) does not see user accounts created on Vista 32 bit



I have 2 machines (Win 7 64 bit laptop & Vista 32 bit desktop) that I am
trying to network the user accounts through a Netgear wireless router (the
Netgear router is supposedly Win7 compatible). There are 3 identical accounts
on each machine. Only my account has administrative control and is also
password protected. I (account administrator) can access all my folders from
each machin and can save and change files.

The problem is that one of the Vista user accounts is not visible on the
Win7 machine. The other user account is visible but I cannot access the
desktop for that user. I can only access the 'my documents folder'. When I
try to save a file from the Win7 machine to the 'my documents' folder on the
Vista machine I get an error message: 'You don't have permission to save in
this location'. The path and user name to the Vista machine are correct.

I don't consider this a file sharing issue because the account owner is not
sharing files with another account. The account owner should be able to
access that same account from either machine - correct?

For fun I created a new account on the Vista machine - guess what? I can't
even see it on the Win7 machine.

What's going on here???????? I have already spent an obscene amount of time
on this trying to get this to work.


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