Vista 64 Bit to 32 Bit Shared Network




I recently purchased a Vista 32 Bit Home Premium operating system on a new
Dell computer. It was much faster than my old XP but some of my multi-media
software would still freeze on me.

So I purchased a 64 Bit Vista operating system. I now have both the 32 Bit
Vista and the 64 Bit Vista installed on my new Dell computer. But I can only
log into one operating system at a time.

But after getting all of that set up I am seeing that the available memory
on my 64 Bit Vista hovers between 40% to 65% compared to my 32 Bit Vista
which hovers between 75% to 100%. So I am expecting more software freezes and
other such problems from the 64 Bit OS.

I have ordered additional memory and hopefully that will help.

But in case it does not do that much I am hoping that I can create a Shared
Network between the two operating systems and that I would then be able to
access my software that is installed on my 64 Bit OS from my 32 Bit OS and
visa versa.

On my 64 Bit Vista - My Drive L is my 32 Bit Vista's C Drive. The Main drive
on my 64 Bit Vista is C of course.

On my 32 Bit Vista - My Drive D is my 64 Bit Vista's C Drive. Drive C is my
32 Bit Vista's main drive (which is Drive L on my 64 Bit Vista).

So my question is, how would I set up a Shared Network between the two
operating systems so that I could access the software that resides on one OS
from the other OS?

Any help would be appreciated from anyone who can wrap their head around all
this :)



Hi Mick,

Is there any way around that?

The licensing on some software only allows it on one computer.

Would a Shared Network not give me access to the software installed on my
other OS on my computer?


Mick Murphy

You do not have a Server/Client setup on your computer!
You have 2 partitions,
2 Operating Systems, and you will be dual booting!
There is no way around it!
You boot into 1 or the other.
All your software has to be installed on both OSs (such as Office, Adobe,
flash, etc)
They are totally indepentent of each other..

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