Win2k Synchronization Issue?

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Scott D. Spiegler


I am using a tool called Ashampoo to burn files onto a CD-R. After I
burn the files of interest, I look at the contents of the CD-R, and it
looks fine.

Then, I look at the same CD-R via Windows explorer, and I don't see
the newly burned files?! Not knowing why this discrepancy existed, I
reboot the computer. After rebooting, I review the CD-R contents
through Ashampoo and WE, and they are identical.

Is this some sort of synchronization problem with Win2k? It doesn't
seem like an Ashampoo issue, does it?

Thanks, Scott

PS- Is there a problem just dragging and dropping the files onto the
CD-R? Will that copy them or do I really need Ashampoo or some burning




This is always a risk with multi-session CD's. They don't necessarily read
the same across different implementations. Avoid multi-session and
applications that treat the physical CD as a drag-and-drop resource.

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