WIN2K domain controller reinstall



We have a small windows 2000 network consist of several servers and some
clients. I want to get a new server and reinstall the first domain
controller. We also have a second domain controller that is also the DNS
server, one web server, one listserv server and a filemaker server.
Is there a problem bringing down that first controller and reinstall it as
the domain controller on this new server since that was the first controller
of the network? If not, once it is install, will it cause any problems to
the other servers or clients?

Richard G. Harper

In short you need to do the following:

(0) Make sure no resources (like the Global Catalog, printers, network
shares, etc) are exclusively available on the server to be retired.
(1) Run DCPROMO.EXE on the server to be retired to demote it to a member
(2) Disjoin the server to be retired from the domain, making it a
stand-alone server.
(3) Shut it off and put it somewhere handy.
(4) Build up the new server.
** NOTE - I strongly recommend not re-using the old server's name on the new
server. This will almost surely cause problems with Active Directory and/or
(5) Run DCPROMO.EXE on the new server to make it an Active Directory server.
(6) If wanted or needed, transfer FSMO roles or other services to the new

Richard G. Harper [MVP Shell/User] (e-mail address removed)
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