Win2000 w/n boot



I work in an office and have a PC that freezes at the
Windows Start-up screen...the bar across the bottom stops
about 3/4 across. This PC hasn't been used since the major
viruses were going around...could a virus from around
June/July 2003 cause this?



David Brandt [MSFT]

It's certainly possible as they can do whatever their creator wants them
too, but "normally" when machines hang/freeze it more often due to some
service and/or application.
Are you able to boot into safe mode ok? If so, update your virus signatures
and run it to check.
If so, what errors/events are you seeing in the logs that might be a
Also if you're able too, you can go in the registry
(hklm\system\ccs\services) and disable any of them that you don't have to
have to boot (startup value of 0x4 = disabled, 2 = auto, 3 = manual) and
then if you can boot up normally, starting adding them back in until the
problem happens again and you know what's causing it.
If it's been turned off that long, verify that the time on it is the same
(also date, time zone, etc) is equal to your dc as well.

David Brandt
Microsoft Corporation

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