Win2000/98 Network



I am working on a peer-to-peer network that has 4 Win98
machines and 1 Win2000 machine. I have one Win98 machine
that can ping the Win2000 machine but not see it on the
network and the Win2000 machine can see the Win98 but
cannot ping the machine sucessfully. Both machines can
access other information on the network.


1. Yes
2. All are running TCP/IP except for 1 of the Win98
machines is also running NWLink & NetBEUI protocols.
3. Yes, 192.168.0.x and
4. Don't know about this, willl this need to be checked on
all Win98 machaines?
5. Yes
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A couple of questions\assumptions:

1. All computers are in the same workgroup.
2. Your network is using TCP/IP and that's it.
3. All computers have the same subnet mask and network id.
Example ipAddress1:


4. Master Browser on Win98 is set to disable. This is in
the network card properties (i think).

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