Win 2000 Updates *KILL* network speeds


Weston Weems

Ok guys, I am really at a loss as to whats going on here.

We've got a windows network in place for about 2yrs. My It
guy installed latest patches on win2k server, and now
copying to my server, I get ~20k/sec copying to the

We've been able to get xp clients copying to the machine
back up to speed, but only by installing xp sp2. My
windows 2003 machines currently still cant copy faster
than 18-20k/sec over a small 100mb/sec network.

My question is that I dnt see any patches on for win2k3 that remedy the problem at

Anyone have any ideas?

weston Weems

on a side note, I freqently get "Cannot copy file,
filepath is too deep" even if I copy from root to root.

Also network semaphore timeout etc.

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