Wii Madden graphics: ATI vs ATI vs Nvidia


AirRaid Mach 2.5

IGN Wii: Let's talk about graphics. Right or wrong, Madden for Wii is
undoubtedly going to be compared to the GameCube build. Meanwhile,
we've been playing a lot of the 360 version. In terms of visuals, where
does the Wii incarnation fit in?

Jason Armenise: We get the graphics question all the time. Every time
we talk about the game we get the graphics question. A lot of people -
even passionate Nintendo fans - are kind of dismissing the graphics,
saying, "We know it's going to be third, yadda, yadda, yadda." We
didn't take that attitude. Right from the beginning, we said, "You know
what? We need to make this game look better than Xbox at the very
minimum. And if possible, we need to challenge the Xbox 360 version."
That was our goal from the first day.

So we've done a whole host of things that put the game far in advance
of the GameCube and we think better than the Xbox. And in some cases,
we're challenging the Xbox 360 on graphics. First of all, the game is
HD compliant. You can play 480p and 16:9 widescreen. That means
everybody who has a HDTV can play the game with their component outputs
and play in 480p and 16:9 widescreen while running at 60 frames per
second, which is awesome. Additionally we've upped the texture quality
on players. Textures are a higher quality. In many cases, they are
higher than the Xbox version. We've added a whole host of features like
depth of field. We've added a feature we call cinematic lens effect,
which is like when you look through an actual television camera and
straight lines get a little bit bowed in real life. We've increased the
shadows. The shadows are better. We have something called contact
shadows so that if two players get close to each other you'll see the
shadow of one bleed onto the shadow of another. We've increased the
grass. Our grass looks like it has more depth to it. It looks more lush
than GameCube. It's definitely a much better looking game than on
GameCube and we think that it really is challenging Xbox 360 in some


seems like Wii isn't all that Wiik afterall

I'll take 60fps with decent graphics over 30fps with better graphics
anyday. plus it should be a whole new experience playing Madden on Wii




cool. so it will be slightly better than the xbox version. great news....

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