OFF-TOPIC: new trailer for Ace Combat 6 - Xbox 360 exclusive flight shooter



I'm sorry for the off-topic nature of this post - but I just cannot
help myself - I will attempt to make it SOMEWHAT relavent to the PC
game and graphics newsgroups.

Ace Combat 6 is by far my most anticipated game of 2007, way far more
than Halo 3, or anything else on Xbox 360, PC, Wii, PC and any other

some of the footage is old, but mixed in is new footage.

the series was born in the arcades with Air Combat (1993) which was
completely different from the first PlayStation game Air Combat / Ace

the Ace Combat series went on to be sucessful on both the PS1 and the
PS2. a handheld PSP game was also released recently

this series almost came to the PC in 1996.

Air Combat 22 (no not Ace Combat 2) almost got released on PC.
Namco was translating Air Combat 22 from the System Super 22 arcade
hardware to first-generation PowerVR PC 3D accelerator cards along
with Rave Racer and Tekken 2. However all 3 games were axed for
reasons unknown, but most likely due to the failure of PowerVR cards
and the tremendous success of rival 3DFX Voodoo cards in the PC

I hope Namco strikes a deal with Microsoft to bring Ace Combat 6 to
Windows PC but for now the game remains exclusive to Xbox 360.

Ace Combat 6 shows off, for the first time in the history of the
series, the power of ATI graphics.

in the past, the series relied on the graphics prowess of Evans &
Sutherland for the arcade games, then the Sony PS1, PS2 and PSP.

now it really shines on ATI's C1/ Xenos graphics processor. even
better, it'll be the first in the series to offer online multi-player

Skybuck Flying

For me it's always interesting to see what competing hardware can do.

I have Battlefield 2 and I can fly in there !

I enjoy that, chasing enemy fighters that's cool.

And when they all dead I bomb some shitholes =D LOL and knock out some
heli's ;)

Flying over mountains, between mountains, chasing enemy smoke trails, even
flying as a wing man and stealing other's kills/helping :) fun, nice and

Fly-only games seems kinda boring though... after a while it gets boring,
flying planes only.


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