'Wii HD' coming in 2010 ?

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I for one, am not upgrading to any Wii HD *unless* new games
specifically for WiiHD are rendered at *native* 1080p resolution, and
its graphics processor is equivelant in features/capabilities &
performance/speed to at least ATI's RV770 / Radeon HD 4850, a mid-
range GPU from 2008.

Knowing Nintendo, it's pretty certain that neither is very likely.
It's more likely that Wii HD, if it happens, will only render at 720p
( and maybe only upscaled) and have graphics features & speed
equivalent to the long obsolete ATI R350 / Radeon 9800. Therefore its
graphics capabilities would still be well below Xbox360/PS3 level.
Keep in mind that Wii's GPU is really the same as that of the Flipper
in GameCube, which was developed in 1998-1999 finished by 2000.
Only difference is, Wii's GPU runs 1.5x faster.

IMO, Nintendo should just wait until 2012, and then release a true
next-gen Wii2, but keeping the 'Wii HD' name. The difference would
be, a whole new generation of silicon, including graphics better than
what ATI is about to launch in a few months (RV870 / 5850, 5870 and
R800 / 5870X2). It's not like Microsoft or Sony are going to
release XB3 and PS4 next year. Microsoft is only just breaking even
on 360 and Sony has a long way to go to make PS3 profitable.

Nintendo can ride on the success of Wii for 3 more years. There's no
point in releasing a mid-generation WiiHD in 2010, only to still have
to launch a true next-gen console a few years later.


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