BREAKING: AMD will indeed provide the GPU for Nintendo Wii U

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AMD and Nintendo Join Forces in Creating a New Way to Enjoy Console
Gaming Entertainment

AMD's Custom HD Graphics Processor Enables Immersive HD Multimedia
Gaming Entertainment for Nintendo's New Wii U Console

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - Jun 7, 2011) - Today at E3, AMD
announced its support for Nintendo's newly-announced Wii U™ system, as
a new way to enjoy HD console gaming entertainment. The custom AMD
Radeon™ HD GPU reflects the best characteristics of AMD's graphics
technology solutions: high-definition graphics support; rich
multimedia acceleration and playback; and multiple display support. As
an industry leader, AMD has supplied the game console market with
graphics expertise and ongoing support for more than 10 years.

"We greatly value our synergistic relationship with the AMD design
team. The AMD custom graphics processor delivers the best of AMD's
world-class graphics expertise. AMD will support our vision of
innovating play through unique entertainment experiences," said Genyo
Takeda, senior managing director, Integrated Research & Development of
Nintendo Co. Ltd.

"AMD shares Nintendo's excitement for the new HD entertainment
experience planned for the Wii U console," said David Wang, corporate
vice president of Silicon Engineering, AMD. "We're proud to provide
our leading-edge HD multimedia graphics engine to power the new
entertainment features of the console. Nintendo is a highly-valued
customer and we look forward to the launch in 2012."

AMD custom graphics enable the new Nintendo system to provide
exciting, immersive game play and interaction for consumers around the
world. The AMD custom graphics processor features a modern and rich
graphics processing core, allowing the new console to shine with new
graphics capabilities.

Miles Bader

Any idea what specific tech will be used? Presumably not whatever's
cutting edge now, but...




Any idea what specific tech will be used?  Presumably not whatever's
cutting edge now, but...



It's rumored to be a custom GPU from the R700 family (Radeon 4xxx
series) from 2008.
While no longer state-of-the-art, the mid-highend R7xx GPUs are well
ahead of the GPUs used in Xbox 360 and PS3.

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