Why isn't Spell Check correcting?

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Spell Check Guy

Microsoft Word isn't correcting my grammar and spelling errors anymore. In
the past errors would be underlined as I typed. After I typed my document I
would click the Spelling/Grammar icon and Microsoft would review each error
individually and offer suggestions. Now, Microsoft doesn't recognize or
correct errors.

Example: I just opened Microsoft Word and typed, "I went ot theee store.
Twwo people arent insside my Washynton Dc hous. Why isnt Microsof Word
correcting thez erors? ".

Afterwards, I highlighted this text and clicked on the Spell/Grammar Check
icon as I normally do. Nothing is corrected, and I just receive a message
stating, "The spelling and grammar check is complete".


I am having the same problem on one of my computers. Another computer that
has the exact same softward does not have the spell check prolem. Did anyone
figure out the problem? Do I reinstall.

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