Just a little spell check issue....



I use the acronym EHR quite a bit. Whenever I enter it, Word changes it to
HER. I have EHR entered in my CUSTOM.DIC, I have deselected Check spelling
as you type, selected Ignore words in UPPERCASE, deselected Check grammar as
you type, deselected Check grammar with spelling and deselected Correct TWo
INitial CApitals. Yet Word continues to change the spelling. I have gone so
far as to Remove the Spell Check feature in the Word install, but this
apparently will require me to reinstall the instance of Word. What this
indicates is that none of the spell check controls are functional.

Lene Fredborg

The change is caused by an entry in AutoCorrect. You can delete that entry.

Word 2003: Select Tools > AutoCorrect Options > AutoCorrect tab.
In the "Replace" field, type "ehr". You will now see the entry marked in the
list below. Press the Delete button to delete it. Click Close.

In Word 2007, you will find the AutoCorrect functionality here:
Office button > Word Options > Proofing > AutoCorrect Options button (top of
the dialog box). Click the AutoCorrect tab. Follow the description above to
delete the entry.

Another way to delete the entry:
When you have typed “ehr" and the replacement to “her†has taken place, move
the cursor back and hover over “herâ€. A blue box appears below the word. Move
the cursor until a small menu appears. Click the arrow and select “Stop
Automatically Correcting “her". This will also delete the entry.

Note that you can always undo an auto correction by pressing Ctrl+Z (Undo)
immediately after the change has been made.

Lene Fredborg - Microsoft MVP (Word)
DocTools - Denmark
Document automation - add-ins, macros and templates for Microsoft Word

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