Why does a reply use the wrong account?



Note that I have posted this twice, but the links in the responses return
blank pages. Nor can I see my posting if I go to the communities page.
Sending me an email with a link clearly isn’t working.

I am using Outlook 2007 SP2. I have a number of email accounts. My default
account is the same as that to which most of my (one to one) business emails
are sent. However, replies to these messages are defaulting to another of my
accounts. Consequently, I have to change the account manually each time I
send a reply.

….increasingly frustrated…

Nick Kharchenko

I will repeat me reply. But it's still available at


As a solutions I can recommend you to try Message AutoFill component from
MAPILab Toolbox for Outlook.

With the help of this plug-in you can automatically select the mailing
account when creating messages and replies in particular folders of Microsoft
You will have to create rules to move incoming messages into different
folders according to your accounts.

Product page: http://www.mapilab.com/outlook/toolbox/message_autofill.html

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