Outlook 2007 uses wrong account to reply



I run Outlook 2007 at home with several different accounts: one is my work
Exchange account (run via RPC over HTTP) and the others are all POP3
accounts. One of the POP3 accounts is set to be my default email account.

Everything works beautifully except when I reply to emails that were sent to
my work email account. Sometimes Outlook uses the work account to reply
(which is desired, obviously -- I don't want my co-workers using my personal
email address), and sometimes it chooses my default account.

Now, I've read some things online about how Outlook will choose any old
account to sent through if it's having problems with the chosen account.
However, this problem happens before I send, not after. When I reply to an
email that was sent to my work account, it should come up on the reply email
that "This message will be sent using the <work> account." This happens, of
course, before the message is ever sent (and thus before Outlook realizes if
there's any trouble with the work account). Again, sometimes it does,
sometimes it doesn't -- sometimes no message like that comes up on the reply
email, which means Outlook is choosing, for some reason, to use my default
account to reply instead.

I can't really discern a pattern going on. I thought at one time it replied
through my default account for certain co-workers (with a different email
address format) than others, but that didn't seem to hold up.

I understand that I can manually choose the account through which I want to
reply by clicking the Account button on the reply email, but I don't want to
have to do that every time (I reply to dozens and dozens of work emails each
day, much like most of us).

Also, I know that I could set my work email account as my default account,
but the problem is that I originate more personal email than I do work email,
so I'd constantly have to be changing accounts for when I send personal email.

Does anyone have any idea what's happening? It's a simple request, really --
just use the account that was emailed to reply with. That's it! It works with
all of my other accounts flawlessly, just not this Exchange account.

Thanks for any help you can provide.

F.H. Muffman

I have exact the same problem using Outlook Express 6 Thanks for any

OE is a completely different application, unrelated to Outlook. You'll stand
a better chance getting help in microsoft.public.outlookexpress.general.

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