White streak lengthwise with Xerox color laser



Hello newsgroup!

I have a Xerox Docucolor 4 LP, and the printouts show a white streak
about 3/4th down the page. I opened up the end of the printer and it
is in exactly the position where near the fuser roll there is a little
metal thing with a wire running from it, I assume a temperature meter
or something. There is a line of sludge on the fuser roll at that
I have scanned in one of the prints. You can see it here:

My question is:
-Is the streak on the fuser a symptom or a cause for the problem shown
in the image?
-If its not, what else could it be? The drum looks spotless and the
toners are all in order. I cant look much further into the printer
-If it is, can I clean this? It looks a pretty pristine roll
otherwise, and fuser units are expensive... I read somewhere that you
can use cotton swabs and alcohol to do it, but erm, has anyone done
this before? Will it kill me or my printer (in both cases that would
be bad)

Many thanks in advance,


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