Where to store photo cartridges?

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William R. Walsh

Hello all...

I have an HP DeskJet 5850 that can take an optional HP Photo Ink cartridge.
Whenever I print with the photo cartridge, the black cartridge sits outside
the printer. The opposite is true when the black cartridge is in place. Back
in the days of my old DeskJet 600c (which I still have), HP included a
container to store the cartridge that wasn't currently in use.

Does HP or anyone else offer any sort of an ink storage container for the
5850 printer? If not, where is a good place to store the ink that is not
currently in the printer?



The HP C6658AN photo cartridge usually comes with a cartridge holder in
the packet - see the photo of the packaging here:


You can see on the packet itself the holder next to the cartridge.
However, that is the old style box.

The new style box doesn't have a pic of the holder on the pack, however
there is still one inside:


There are however, C6658AN cartridges that come in the smaller packs
like the black and tri-colour:


which don't contain a holder. I'm not sure about the twin packs
available, whether they have a holder included or not.

Just look for the larger size pack and you will get a holder free.

James Sodor


As I know, every hp photo cartridge is sold with a container/clip to store
the cartridge.


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