Where does Vista store printer drivers



I am trying to install a Canon MP600R as a network printer but my Dell
laptop did not have the Vista drivers.

I downloaded the drivers from Canon m6c07max.exe and ran it on the laptop
and it extracted the files - I know not where.

Now when I try to install it as a network printer I am asked to provide the
location of the inf file and I don't know where it is. Worse than that at no
stage did the canon file tell me what the filename of the specific driver
is. I have tried searching for m6*.inf but there is none.

Does anyone know where I can find it?





Noel S Pamfree

When you extract that file it will actually give you the opportunity to tell
it where to save the drivers to. If you are too quick on the clicks it will
just save it to a default. The default is a folder called 'canon' and in it
is a subfolder called 'drivers'.

If you the go ahead and add your network printer you will get a dialogue box
saying Vista can't find the necessary driver. Use the browse button to find
the 'drivers' sub-directory in the 'canon' directory. Vista will then find
the correct driver and your installation should go OK.


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