When Scrolling Cells Sometimes Appear Blank but are not


Steve A

When scrolling up and down, sometimes blocks of cells appear blank, but they
are not when you select them. To resolve you have to minimize Excel and then
bring it back up. It is really annoying when you are trying to work on a
long spreadsheet.

I am using Excel 2007 fully updated.

Steve A.

Steve A

Thanks, I will give it a try.

Steve A.

garfield-n-odie said:
If you have Windows XP, then try reducing hardware acceleration a
notch or two (or maybe more) in Start | Control Panel | Display |
Settings | Advanced | Troubleshoot. If this fixes the problem,
then you might want to check the website of the manufacturer of
your video card/graphics adapter to see if there is an updated
driver available.

Alex R

Steve - Did this solve the problem for you?

I've been experiencing exactly the same problem (on my work PC). My
colleagues all have the same problem.
My PC is running XP, and has all the latest updates (including those for
Office). The problem was dealt with by a Microsoft technician who suggested
the following (once all options relating to PC/software/graphics settings etc
were eliminated): -

- Rebuilt calculation chain replacing all = signs with ##, save, close,
reopen, change ## to = sign
- Recreated Excel registry keys(Removed corrupt/bad icon in ribbon)

For each workbook experiencing the same issue as listed above:
1) Make note of any array formulas in the workbook(these will have to be
rebuilt after the process)
2) Rebuild the calculation chain by replacing all = signs with ## for the
entire workbook, save, close, reopen, change ## to = sign

This appears to have solved the problem for an individual workbook. HOWEVER,
my problem can exist in a block of cells, a few cells, or just one cell.
Therefore, I need to already know there is a problem before I can solve the
problem (it's a chicken and egg scenario!). I'm still concerned since I never
know when the problem will crop up again (it happens on spreadsheets
converted from .xls to .xlsx, and new spreadsheets created in excel 2007).



we have excactly the same issue in Excel2007 (blank cells when scrolling).
Has anyone solved this problem permanently? Better waiting for Excel2010 and



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