When copying and pasting charts the chart size decreases


Brad Angel

Sometimes when in excel I can not copy charts and paste them without them
automatically decreasing in size by what looks to be a set ratio. i know to
select "don't move or size with cells", but this does not help. This problem
is erratic and can just start occurring in a worksheet after i have pasted
other charts without this problem. Any help with this would be much



Jon Peltier

In Excel 2003 and earlier, if the window zoom is not 100%, if you copy
an embedded chart and paste it, it will be pasted at a size
approximately equal to the original size times the zoom. This is one
reason it is often suggested that Excel only be used at 100%.

I have even written an article about this curiosity:

Copy and Paste Charts at Zooms other than 100%

- Jon


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