Copying Excel 2007 Charts as picture (as seen on screen)



The copy as picture (as seen on screen) function in excel 2007 seems to work
for charts if doing it directly from Excel to other application. But if you
try to code it in VBA, more often than not a chart or two disappears and does
not copy to the designated application (e.g. Word). This is annoying. It
works when copying as picture directly from Excel to Word. But once you try
to code it, it is very sporadic. More often than not, eliminated a chart when
pasting?????? Is there something additional that needs to be used in the code?
Usually if I highlight the chart I want to copy via code, it will end up
working. But if I open the file and try to run the macro/code directly, then
all kinds of charts disappear???
I can't seem to find any other problems of this nature out on the web?? It
worked fine for me in 2003, but 2007, the chart object is hit or miss when
copying as picture.
Thank you

Jon Peltier

I haven't seen a code-related problem with the code approach. My code is
shown in

The problem for me is that I don't like the appearance of the chart in
2007 when pasted as a picture. They've uglified it, over anti-aliased
it, and grouped together elements that you used to be able to ungroup.
For example, gridlines are no longer separate line, but now a
rectangular shape with lines across it. Same with tick marks.

There are so many ways that Excel 2007 charting has been such a

- Jon

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