Weird Profile/Login Lockout HELP!


scott lane

I have a couple users who can't get in when hitting a
certain server. They are getting the error....

Windows cannot log you on because they profile cannot be
loaded. Contact your network administrator.

We use roaming profiles so that application settings flow
from app server to app server using Citrix. They access
all other servers without an issue.

When these users try to log in thru terminal services or
Citrix the above error comes up, and they get no further.

I've tried deleting the user's profile off the individual
app servers via the system properties. That didn't help.
When I go into docs and settings and try to delete the
user's directory, I cannot delete it. I get the
message "cannot delete usrclass.dat; there has been a
shring violation. Source or destination file may be in
use." Rebooting the server won't help. Removing the
roaming profile path from the user management screen in AD
won't help. Taking ownership of the file usrclass.dat
won't even allow me to take it away.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Scott Lane
Bank Mutual
Network Administration



Carl Cowley

the user's profile registry key is still loaded. the only
clean way that I know of to get it to unload is to reboot
the server.


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