Account lockout after successful login?



Hi, don't understand this,

I have a user who's account keeps locking out. Group policy is for 3
attempts then lockout. I'm auditing logon failure events and I keep seeing
them for this user from our Citrix server. If I log onto the Citrix server
as this user, it logs on successfully, but locks out the account and logs a
load of 'pre-authentication failure' messages??? That's logging onto windows
btw, no citrix involvement that i can see. We are using roaming profiles,
but I've already deleted the roaming profile, deleted the local profile and
recreated it all from scratch - still the same. I just can't get my headf
around what process is hammering the DC with invalid logon
information/kerberos tickets and locking out the account during A SUCCESSFUL
LOGIN??? Please help I'm at my wit's end!

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