Windows XP Weird Printer Problem Neeed Help

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Sep 27, 2006
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Okay my problem starts only in one section of the office. its 4 workstations that are effected. they are using windows xp. on their local machines they have 5 or 6 printers automatically mapped. the printers will work for about an hour or so and then they will begin getting this error

they are connected on a print server and they can print throu an RDP session so i thought it would be the switch but its not so then i found something that told me to change the autodisconnect feature in the registry to fffffff. but no dice so now im lost and i got people constinatly asking me a question i have no solution. All input and help is greatly appriciated thank you all.


Mar 5, 2006
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Perhaps you want to delete your duplicate post on this as it only will confuse the issue.
That said have you follwed the info on the MS Office Word box?
If so and still no luck what work has been carried out prior to this problem?
Could be a users rights with the mapped drives?
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