WCG Down Friday 12th

Jan 14, 2006
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Server Maintenance - Friday Oct 12 starting at 15:00 UTC
We will be updating our servers to complete the final bit of work to firmly put our filesystem issues from earlier this year behind us (see https://secure.worldcommunitygrid.org/forums/wcg/viewthread_thread,33481). This maintenance work will consist of changing how our servers are connected to the storage devices in order to eliminate one SAN switch that was a bottleneck.

Due to the redundancy in the environment, we will be able to complete the majority of the work without impacting volunteer access to the environment. However, when the database servers are being worked on we will need to stop the website database and BOINC database for a period of up to 60 minutes.

We will be starting the work at 15:00 UTC on Friday Oct 12. The work will be done over a 12 hour period. We cannot provide precise times when the database servers will be stopped as it depends on how quickly we are able to complete the work.
Thank you for your patience and for your contribution.

Taken from WCG site.

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