*.wav attachments stopped playing from outlook 2003.



I have Outlook 2003 and get my voicemails in the form of *.wav attachments.
Today, I was listening to them and they just stopped working. I checked thye
system witha virus sccanner and then checked my media player to see if there
were any problems.

The message that Outlook gives me is as follows:

"Can't create file: voice-message.wav. Right-click the folder you want to
create the file in, and then click Properties on the shortcut menu to check
your permissions for the folder."

This poped up in the middle of my session. I have not added or installed any
programs during my session. This message comes up when I try and open the
attachment or save it. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I tried what you suggested and even downloaded the Outlook Tools. The same
message keeps coming up when I try to open the *.wav attachment files.

Kathleen Orland

Check your application event viewer for any errors related to sound or

Roady [MVP]

When you open your OutlookTempFolder via OutlookTools, does it still list
any items there?
Can you save an attachment to your Desktop and open it from there still?
If you send yourself another file, like a doc-file, can you open it directly
from Outlook them or do you get the same error?

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