Warning in Event Log viewer?



I had a warning (yellow triangle with a Black exclamation
mark in the center)in the event viewer, now do i have
anything to worry about? This is the results that turned
up >>> Details
Product: Windows Operating System
ID: 36
Source: W32Time
Version: 5.2
Message: The time service has not synchronized the system
time for %1 seconds because none of the time service
providers provided a usable time stamp. The time service
is no longer synchronized and cannot provide the time to
other clients or update the system clock. Monitor the
system events displayed in the Event Viewer to make sure
that a more serious problem does not exist.

This event is generated when the computer's clock cannot
be synchronized with an authoritative time source for
more than one day. Depending on the quality of the
computer's clock hardware, this may indicate that the
clock is out of synchronization and displays a different
time from other computers on the network. Having
different times on different computers can cause a
variety of problems such as authentication failures and
replication errors.

User Action
If the event occurs on a client computer, no action is
necessary. This event will continue to be logged until
the computer can contact an authoritative time source and
synchronize its clock. This is a common occurrence with
computers that are frequently disconnected from a network
for long periods of time, such as laptop or other
portable computers.

If the event occurs on a domain controller, you should
ensure that the computer is connected to the network and
can communicate with other domain controllers. If the
domain controller is assigned the role of Primary Domain
Controller (PDC) emulator master in the domain, this
event will always be generated because this domain
controller is authoritative for the domain and cannot
synchronize its time from another source.

In either case, when connectivity has been restored to
other computers on the network, the computer will
automatically synchronize its clock.

Thank You Tom



Well if you have read your own post; It says that if it is a client machine
you have nothing to worry about (except that the time may not be totally
correct). If it is a server synchronizing other computers (very unlikely in
your case) all those computers will have the wrong time.

The problem is likely that your PC tries to synchronize with a time server
on the internet and it can not reach that timeserver, thats all.

Regards, Ron AF Greve.

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