W2K Setup Problems



As many people before me, I am receiving major errors
with my Windows 2000 installation. First off, I have
reformatted the hard drive 3 times now and tried
installing it on a clean partition, but after it creates
the list of files to be copied, it states: "The file
advapi32.dll was not copied correctly". Even after I skip
it, the files, "afd.sys, agentanm.dll, agentctl.dll,
agentdp2.dll, agentdpv.dll (now the screen is whacked out
with a bunch of question marks all over the place),
agentmpx.dll, agentpsh.dll, agentsr.dll, agentsvr.dll,
and finally agt0406.dll. Now the blue screen of death
comes up with the error PAGE_FAULT_IN_NONPAGED_AREA.



Bjorn Landemoo


Have you checked hard disk cables, master/slave settings and so forth? Your
problems seems to be hardware related, as setup cannot correctly copy files
from your CD to the hard disk. It could be memory related, files might be
corrupt when expanded from the compressed state on the CD to uncompressed
state on the hard disk.

Best regards




Ken Simmons [MSFT]


If you have a Windows 98 Startup disk, add Smartdrv.exe to the disk and boot
with it. At a command prompt run Smartdrve.exe. Xcopy the I386 directory
from the CD to an i386 directory on the hard drive. Try running Winnt from
the i386 directory on the hard drive. However, as was suggested in another
post, you could have a hardware issue with the CD-ROM drive.


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