W2K setup on new PC


Dennis Hernandez

My motherboard died on me and I upgraded to a celeron
2.4ghz from a 300mhz pentium, got a ASUS motherboard with
256 ram, new 20 gig hard drive,old 7 bay case...now begins
my nightmare...tried to setup the pc with the hardrive
that had W2K installed already...that didn't work,got
fault protection errors...booted from the CD and formatted
drive to NTFS...Windows began the install and as it would
begin to copy file the screen would flicker and go to
fault protection error..after days of head scratching i
figure the only thing I've not change was the power supply
(200w) changed that (400w) now it installs W2K and during
the copying of the file needed for setup I get "cannot
copy" this file and every other file this is a good cd no
visible scratches! I've basically changed all
components..is this a stumper for you guys !!!
Thanks for any help, Dennis



David Bullock [MSFT]

Hi Dennis,
Which file is mentioned in the "cannot copy" error?

One way to avoid file copy problems is to:
- Boot to a Win98 floppy, partition and format the drive (FAT32)
- Copy the i386 directory from the Win2K CD to the hard disk
- Start the Win2K installation from the hard disk (setup.exe in i386)

If the problem is caused by the CD-Rom drive (or the CD itself) this should
get you past it. You can convert the drive to NTFS during or after Setup.


David Bullock, MCSE, MCSA, A+
Windows NT/2000/2003 Setup Support

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