W2K Install on 2nd HDD



My system has two harddrives. The first has 2 partitions
with W98SE on the first partition and W2K on the second
partition. I'd like to install W2K onto the 2ND HDD, so
that I can boot to it via the BIOS boot switch if I have a
failure on the first HDD. I put in the W2K CD and
performed a full-clean install, but it never asked me what
HDD or partition to install to. So, I guess by default,
it installed the W2K files on the first partition on the
first HDD. OK, before ever running the W2K setup process,
so I removed the new duplicate entry in the BOOT.INI and
deleted the setup files, so my system is back to its
original dual-boot mode and working fine.

But, how do I get W2K installed on the 2nd HDD? Also, the
2nd HDD currently has data on it. Will the W2K OS zap any
of that data?

Thanks - Ambrose



Bjorn Landemoo


Change in BIOS so that the second hard disk is first. Then, install Win2000
as you just did. Check that it works, and then change BIOS settings back.

Your data should be untouched, as long as you don't select to delete the
partition and create a new one. As always, a backup of your data is the
only safe way to go.

Best regards


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