W2k Network Neighborhood does not show all computers



(My Network Places) Network Neighborhood does not show all computers
in the network.

I am running a Windows2000 network with Active Directory (mixed mode)
with following setup:
--W2k PDC that is also the DNS server.
-- Central Office (CO) with a server farm all on the same subnet.
-- A WAN that has a number of "remote" locations, all with their own
-- Each computer is configured with a static IP.
-- Each computer has "Enable NetBios over TCP/IP" selected on the WINS
tab of Advanced TCP/IP options dialog.
-- Each computer points to the same server (PDC/DNS) as DNS server and
WINS server.
-- Each workstation has the "Browser" service disabled.
-- There are no firewalls in the system.

Here are some specific symptoms:
-- When I explore the ‘hood from a workstation at location X, I see
all the other computers on the subnet at location X and all the
computers on the subnet of the CO (where the PDC/DNS server is). This
is fairly consistent across all my remote locations.
-- At the CO, exploring only shows the computers on the local subnet,
and nothing at any of the "remote" WAN locations.
-- At one location, we will call it location Y, the ‘hood only shows
computers at that location, but not at the CO like all other sites.
(All locations configured the same).

Why can't I see ALL the computers on my system from any ‘hood on any
One person told me that Windows2000 is DNS based and the ‘hood maybe
NetBios based, so that there is a compatibility problem. Is this

We used to be an NT 4.0 system and upgraded the PDC to W2k, and
upgraded all computers to W2k, but have not yet migrated the AD to
native mode – could that make a diff?


J.C. Hornbeck [MSFT]

There is no 'compatibility problem' between Windows 2000 and computer
browsing. Issues like what you describe are almost always WINS related
(can't resolve the domain 1B record from each segment, etc) but this should

188305 - Troubleshooting the Microsoft Computer Browser Service

J.C. Hornbeck, MCSE
Microsoft Product Support

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