Network Browser Problem over W2K Router




I have a network that is connected to a switch. Recently I needed to add
anew subnet to the network. To make this happen I have added a W2K router. I
have the other network setup the same, Several systems connected to a switch.
The router connects both of the switches and will allow traffice to flow
through both subnets, just as expected. I can ping with no problem.

My problem is this:

I have a single domain. All my systems on the new subnet have been
successfully able to join that domain. But on a server in the origional
subnet, browsing by using the network neighborhood, I cannot see the new
systems on the new subnet...

They all joined to domain ok, I can ping their IP's, but I cannot browse
them through network neighborhood.

I can type \\Computername and browse a system on a remote subnet.

Im thinking that the W2k Router is blocking a registration of DNS or
something.. Does anyone have any thoughts on this ????????


Drum On .. .. .. .. .

Phillip Windell

"Network browsing" across subnets requires a WINS Server and requires
Netbios over TCP/IP to be enabled.

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