slow performance browsing network neighborhood



We have been trying to find the cause of this problem for
quite some time to no avail...

Our current setup is as follows:

4 office locations, each with their own subnet.

office 1 is on subnet. office 2 is on
subnet. office 3 is on subnet. office 4 is on subnet.

Each office has a Win2K DC server, with a mix of Win2K and
WinXP clients. We are running AD and dynDNS. For some
reason, if you try to browse through a shared directory on
a non-local server in my network places(i.e. an office1
computer browsing office2 server's shared data folder),
the performance is AWFUL. Just the simple act of opening
folders takes 10-30 seconds. From the Local Area
Connection icon in the systray, it generates a significant
amount of traffic, even if you're just opening a folder to
see what's inside.

We've experimented turning WINS off (since we figured this
is unnecessary, though i've read in some places that it IS
necessary to browse across different subnets. Is this true
even in pure Win2K/AD/dynDNS environment?), but this
didn't help anything.

We're stuck at this point as to what else to try. If you
type in \\servername in the address bar of My Network
Places, does it do a DNS query for servername, a NetBIOS
over TCP/IP query, or a WINS query?

Thoughts, tips, anyone?

Marina Roos

XP heavily relies on DNS. Does the ipconfig/all show that everything is
pointing to the server-IP?
If you are using subnets, you'll need WINS too. Make sure you have options
003, 006, 015, 044 and 046 (0x8) set in DHCP-server, Scope options.

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