W2k DC and W2K3 Terminal Server



I have an existing Windows 2000 Server w/SP4 and a W2K3
Standard Server running Remote Desktop with Administration
Tools installed from the CDROM.
If I log onto the 2K server, I'm unable to drag and drop
objects into OU's in Active Directory Users & Computers.
If I right click on the object I can use the context menu
to select MOVE and then move the object that way. However,
if I logon to the W2K3 Terminal Server and use the
Administration Tools, I can drag and drop objects into
OU's with Active Directory Users & Computers. The W2K3
Server is only for Remote Desktops and IS NOT a DC. It is
a member server of the Domain.

Should I run the prep tools on the W2K DC that would be
run if I were upgrading that server to W2K3. I ask this
because I also had a problem when I would check properties
of a group and got a message about No Global Catalog
available. I checked Active Directory Sites and Services
and the DC was selected for the Global Catalog in the
check box. That rather puzzled me also. The users would in
fact show up in the group and the message indicated
something about the proper icons not being available.

Tim Hines, MCSA, MCSE

Drag and drop functionality was not available in the Windows 2000
administrative tools. It was introduced in the Windows 2003 administrative

The Global catalog errors may indicate that the DC is not advertising itself
as a GC. To verify that it is ready to server as a GC open LDP.exe, connect
to the DC and bind. Look for an attribute called isglobalcatalogready and
verify that it is set to TRUE. You should also verify that you can connect
to port 3268.

Tim Hines, MCSE, MCSA
Windows 2000 Directory Services

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Thanks Tim....everything checks out OK..After I did the
post last night I thought about it some more and ran
dcdiag. I turns out my DNS server was acting up. All is
well with the global catalog now. I did do what you
suggested to verify things. I'm having some trouble
getting group policy to apply to the terminal server
though. I've followed Microsoft's document on the process
but the Group Policy isn't being applied for some reason..

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