VX-6000 LifeCam Microphone issues with v 1.3 software


Toby Reid

Hi there,

I bought a life cam yesterday and like others, found it didn't work
straight from the box. I managed to install the v1.3 drivers from the site
and the webcam now works, but I have a major problem. The sound quality of
the inbuilt mic is piss poor, there is a constant background hiss and there
seems to be a problem with microphone attenuation which I cant seem to
change in the control panel... If you talk quietly, you can barely hear your
voice.. if you talk at a normal volume, there is distinct microphone
clipping! I've set it up about a meter away from me, before anyone asks.

Has anyone else experienced this?

Just to clarify, im using 64bit vista RTM




vista no longer supports echo cancellation correctly chances are you have a
problem with that....

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